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     and why my brain’s too full…

My 25th place. 30th home. When we moved here, I told my husband, “Next time I move you’ll be carting my dead body to some hole out yonder.” (When I’m ornery he puts the wheelbarrow on the front porch.)

To amend Chief Joseph’s words, “I will fight no more forever,”  I say “I will move no more forever.”

But I’m glad we moved here, truly. Small towns and country living have great advantages, and challenges. Parades and poison ivy. Tourists and other critters. Truly, my brain’s too full. (



Snuggle Lambs


Exercise Gear



Health, Wellness & Recovery


Here’s a fun category for those of us getting older, and those of us who’ve spent some non-quality time with depression, dysfunction, and addiction. Allow me to ease the way with my own discoveries in exercise and food, too.

As my ‘Earthly Suit’ ages, I hope my mind is the last to go. There might not be a lot in it, but right now, my brain’s too full. (



Relationships: To be Known, And Valued


It should be a scientific fact: Relationships affect 100% of our day.

You’re thinking, “No way. I don’t think of people all the time.”

And there you’d be wrong. Relationships include inanimate objects, too! And abstract things like dreams and ideas. 

I counted over fifty types of relationships with people, institutions, and animals. Thanks to social media we’ve got teachers, coaches, classmates, bullies. How to handle it all? This is why my brain’s too full. (




Family and Relationships



Religion: awesome or awful


I almost hate the word “religion” cuz it’s loaded with conflicting meanings: empty rituals, fanaticism, hypocrisy, sacrifice. Cults and manipulation. Freedom and love. Heaven and eternity. 

There are some terrific churches, and some not so great. Surprised? Nope. We’re all a little bonkers, and easily misled and distracted.  

So I’ll write about religions, and my questions and discoveries in Christianity. Brain too full? Yup. (


The Military & The Academy


I separated from the Air Force in 1988 after serving 5 years. My dad was a fighter pilot in the Air Force, which makes me an unruly “military brat.” But I prefer the term old pilots at his squadron reunions favored: spawn. 

There’s a lot going on with the military, and I’m no expert. But I’ll write about it, cuz I’m a spawn, a co-spawner, and a mom of spawn-makers, and my spawnish brain’s too full. (




Sabre Jet

Still with me? woo hoo!


But the main reason I’m blogging is to tell …



My Story:  Loved from the Pit

Ever feel like there’s gotta be something more? The kids are grown and nothing you see seems worthwhile. You want a Passion, but God is silent. I felt like I’d had too many screw-ups and apparent failures to try again. In my misery, I defaulted to what was new and easy: reading trashy books. 

But God …reached down and Loved me out of My Pit. He showed a very lost, untrusting daughter His unconditional love. When I responded in wonder and gratitude, and trusting love, then He gave me a passion…