A little Introduction to Country Living:

A Small town, A spot of Land, & Beasties


A Small Town 

This beautiful Texas town has been my ‘home’ for  more than a decade. It’s so strange to answer a friend, “Yes, I know so-and-so, we used to do ‘X’ several years ago.” And usually ‘X’ is some exercise or fitness thing I no longer do. Sigh.


We moved here in 2005 when the population was 10,543. Like most military families, two years was the longest I had lived in one place. As I said, it was my 25th place and 30th home in 45 years. But this time moving was much harder.


Pictured Here: A Small Town with Affordable Housing & Land!
Sometimes the Sunset is a Glorious Surprise


A spot of Land

My husband went to work for an old college roommate. The older kids went to a private school connected to the church, and I homeschooled the younger two. But before long, I had to find a job, for the first time in 17 years. I know, I know, I was privileged to ‘stay at home’ for so long, but the flip side was my resumé was obsolete and sparse. I was not prepared. Knowing how to email and Ebay wasn’t enough in the super duper high tech world of 2006 (even before social media!)


Meanwhile we searched for a house. In this small town with big prices, we could afford  either a house that fit us, or a bit of land. We gave up on having both. 

Starting over here was difficult because two years earlier we had committed to serve at a Christian ministry near Dallas. We liked it so much, however, that we planned to stay forever. We invested a lot of love into the people, and plunked a lot of money into the house and pool. Then the leadership at the ministry turned toxic. (But more of that later) We left, heartbroken, when our two years was up. Our four kids were glad to leave the ministry, but not keen on starting over. Especially high school. Again. 



This Year’s Peaches Escaped My Destructive Attentions



                                 Munchin’ Mamas    


I’m glad we moved here, truly. I see a portion of how God has and is using it. Besides, where else can all your kids march in parades, ride on floats, and get across town in ten minutes? Where else but in small towns do the police and/or fire department escort the football team out of town for their ‘away’ championship games?  

Country living and small towns just feel safer, slower, and more old-fashioned easy.  But they do have great challenges: Parades and poison ivy. Tourists and other critters. Truly, my brain’s too full.


the Beasties

Enter God, who provides as He likes to do, in amazing, unforeseen ways. We found (and repaired) the house, and built the fences. We have just enough land for my Black Thumb Gardening and pasture for a tiny flock of sheep.

Add to the (I say this kindly) misguided sheep some bounding deer, thieving raccoons, and paranoid skunks. Two cats and a dog. (sing with me “Life used to be so hard”… ) 




                 County Royalty Afloat 2009