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Relationships: To Be Known and valued

scientists should proclaim: Relationships affect 100% of our day.

You’re thinking, “No way. I don’t think of or interact with people all the time.” And there you’d be wrong (but thanks for playing!) Ask anyone with a new car: relationships also include inanimate objects, too! In fact, now that I’m on a roll, we “relate” to abstract things like dreams and goals and fears, and even time, like “the good ol’ days.” And how all these relationships affect our lives, determines our quality (and even quantity!) of life. But you already know that. 

I counted > 50 Types…

of relationships with people, institutions, and animals. Add the step-people and ex-people, and currently dead people. What? Yup, I’m still a daughter to my dad, who’s passed away, yet he still affects my thinking. (In fact, way too many people can affect our thinking!)

My Husband Attracts Kids Wherever He Goes


Thanks to Social Media…


we’ve got relationships of a sort with teachers, coaches, classmates, and bullies.

People who “knew us when,” but maybe we aren’t that person anymore.

We have friends with whom we feel ‘safe’ and belong, and contacts we may never know very well, which could be a real loss.  

I’ll write about…


dating (waaay before this swipe stuff), husbands and wives, kids (not my own, of course!), friends and the not-so-friendly. Friendship wasn’t modeled in my childhood home, so I’ve stumbled and offended and sadly lost friendships over the years. 



       Classmates and Sons

              Fan Shenanigans

The Point…


of most relationships (if we aren’t trying to use someone for our own benefit), is to connect, to be known and valued and appreciated for who we are, not what we can do. Many of us settle for the latter, but I think we crave the former. 


As a Christian, my best relationship is with God. My worst is with myself: I want to be a wise, encouraging advocate, but sometimes end up being a foolish enabler, then a harsh critic. (I’m working on all that!) I might even be in denial, too, but how would I know?

Can you think of a relationship I missed?  Oh, duh, hours later, cuz my brain’s too full, I realized….

You’re my newest relationship! Thank you so much for reading my blog!


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