My Brain’s Too Full…

Full of the stuff below, which I’m gonna blog about:


My hubs and I live in an empty nest on a bit of land in a small Texas town. Got four kids all around the world, with two sons in the military. Spend days blogging, learning about Recovery programs, and trying to follow Jesus. Gardening with my black thumb. Learning ‘bout sheep and other critters. Makes the brain too full.



Childhood ingredients for a Delicious Dysfunction Dish: alcoholic parents, a Vietnam War fighter pilot dad, neglect, abuse, moving every year or two. I graduated from the Air Force Academy, fulfilled a frustrating five year commitment, and married an Air Force logistician. Homeschooled our four kids a bit, left a cult, rebelled against God, survived a depression, worked a tad with wounded warriors, which morphed to veterans, and then to caregivers of military veterans.



But what can I possibly offer them? I’m not a caregiver, but I care enough to encourage them to never give up. That life is worth living. The promise that God is for them. Hope.

I write to save even one person from believing they’re a failure. So you won’t check out, or just survive through life without hope, purpose, or joy. Please join me.


If you’ve made it this far, thanks and woo hoo! Much more to come, cuz, well, My Brain’s Too Full.



Me at the sheep pen





Hay Bales

Rolls of hay enjoy fabulous skies